What Is the Best Bad Breath Solution

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What Is the Best Bad Breath Solution And Other Questions


Feel Like You've Got The Plague?

Seems so, because people avoid close contact with you if you have bad breath, also known as halitosis.
 Your breath can reek so much that not only is it offensive, but it's also embarrassing.

So, What Can You Do About It?

Accept the fact that everyone gets bad breath once in awhile. The problem is that they get it so bad that any simple bad breath solution just can't cure it. The most misunderstood thing about bad breath if the people

don't understand that bad breath is caused by the activity of bacteria (and you have millions of them in your mouth). These bacteria are mostly found in the hard-to-reach places of the tongue. They feast on food

particles and plaque in the area and they release sulfur compounds in the process which causes all that odor coming from your mouth.

Hey, What's Plaque"

Plaque is a combination of the mucous saliva which comes out of your salivary glands, plus microscopic particles of the food you've eaten. These two join with the bacteria in your mouth and perhaps your first knowledge

of their presence comes when you wake up in the morning and feel that slick coating on your front teeth. Not only does this plaque which hasn't been removed create halitosis, but that same substance is responsible for

tooth decay.

Knowing this background can help you find the right breath solution. The big key is that you should brush your teeth (and tongue) thoroughly each day. Just ask your dentist.

Other Facts You Might Not Know About

In some cases bad breath can come from the stomach. This type is called Digestive Halitosis and is the result of the digestive enzymes continuously working inside your stomach. Hey, this can even happen if they have no

food to digest! The stench these enzymes give out resembles the smell of rotten food and it comes out through your breath. This digestive halitosis can be eliminated as it disappears as soon as food fills the stomach.

Sometimes heartburn can also be the cause of your bad breath. There is a relation between acid reflux and halitosis. The problem is that the acid (which by the way is hydrochloric acid) normally flows down the stomach,

however sometimes the reflux causes the acid to flow up the esophagus carrying bacterial up into the throat, thus causing bad breath.

Certain foods are known for causing your breath to stink. You probably know them...foods like onions and garlic have odorous molecules that can get into our systems and stick in your lungs, giving you an offensive

smell as you breath. We also know that acid reflux and halitosis are related and preventing certain food that causes acid reflux like chocolate, caffeine, or nay greasy meal can also help in eliminating bad breach.

How About Smoking?

Smoking makes your mouth dry and this very situation creates a haven for the bacterial. The dryness is a lack of saliva, which actually acts as a natural mouthwash which washes way both the bacteria, but also their


What Are The Possible Remedies For This Problem?

First and foremost, eliminate the odor causing bacteria. the the most natural cure for bad breath is good oral hygiene. You can also try parsley or other green vegetables (they contain chlorophyll which is a natural

deodorizer). Citrus fruits as home remedies to treat bad breath also help by creating more salivary flow.

There are many ways to cure bad breath, all leading toward making sure that no bacteria which can give off a stench can thrive where your halitosis can be highly embarrassing.

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