Causes Of Chronic Halitosis?

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There can be several causes of chronic halitosis. Halitosis is more commonly known as bad breath. It may be that you have felt self conscious and embarrassed when you notice your family and friends pulling away as you talk. You soon realise that it is because of your bad breath. It is often detected as you exhale. The bad odor may originate from the oral cavity (mouth) or some other part of the body.

The cause of halitosis is usually the mouth. It can come from oral dryness due to stress or fasting. Consuming certain foods also can contribute to bad breath. These include cheese, fish, garlic, meat and onions.

Causes of halitosis also include smoking and alcohol consumption. If you are a smoker or someone who drinks alcohol regularly, there can be a foul stench coming out from your mouth.

If bad breath is more serious and happens over a prolonged period of time, then you are said to be having chronic halitosis. It is more serious than just the temporary bad breath resulting from foods that you have just eaten. You will be surprised to find out that chronic halitosis is experienced by as much as 25% of the population.

Chronic halitosis is usually caused by metabolic activity of certain types of oral bacteria. Your tongue is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Halitosis comes from the breakdown of the residue on the tongue, producing the bad smell.

There can be over 600 types of bacteria living in your mouth. Research studies indicate that several of these can produce foul odors. What is known is that halitosis has something to do with the proteins that get trapped in our mouth from the food that we eat and how the bacteria in our mouth then processes this protein.

It is important that you practise good dental hygiene and brush your tongue regularly. The back part of your tongue is rarely touched and usually not properly cleansed. Bacterial thrives well on food particles deposited at the back of your tongue as you chew your food before swallowing. Dead epithelial cells and postnasal drip also can collect at the back of the tongue.

There can also be other causes of oral halitosis. These include nasal, tonsils, gum disease, or certain systemic diseases such as liver failure, bronchial and other lung infections, renal failure, metabolic dysfunction and diabetes mellitus.

Chronic halitosis can affect your self esteem and confidence levels. It can prevent you from developing meaningful relationships with your spouse or love ones. You find it hard to show affection to others as you are conscious of others withdrawing away due to your bad odor. Increased stress due to having chronic halitosis also does you no good as it can lead to other health problems.

Cure Bad Breath, halitosis

Bad Breath Cure, Bad Breath Treatment, How To Cure Bad Breath, Oraltech Labs