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Cure Bad Breath, halitosis

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Bad breath may turn into a nightmare in someone's life. As this condition degrades reputation in your social circle by reflecting poor hygiene habit. Even adds on to your pain if you are suffering from bleeding gums. But this situation can tackled effectively if diagnosed at an early stage. In majority of cases the patient remains unaware of this because it is very difficult to smell own breath. But there are some other effective and tested methods to test your breath. These tests are very simple and can be applied at our home only. Below, I outline the pros and cons of different self-testing techniques.

Bad Breath Meter

This one of the most accurate method to diagnose smelly breath. This is also known as halimeter. This method is utilized by the professional dentists and hygienists. The meter works on the concept that it can detect the amount of sulfides. Sulfides as you know are produced by bacteria which is responsible for breath smells. This method is quite costly.

Conventional methods

These methods are applied at home. These are one of the oldest techniques and does not require any professional review.


  1. Take piece of cotton or swap, it should be devoid of any fragrant agent like spirit. Then swipe the inside of cheeks and posterior portion of tongue. Then take it out and try to smell. This can help in diagnosing your breath at home. But the degree of halitosis or is it chronic can not be diagnosed by this method.
  2. The other method applied by the patients at home is cup method. It's simple and quite often used. Just we have to try to smell our own breath by placing our hand on our mouth and then exhaling.


Bad breath kit

Home testing kits are available in the market. This kit contains swabs, to gather bacterial and sulfuric samples from the back of tongue. Take sample from the cheeks and tongue, and then soak them in the test solution. Wait for sometime for the solution to change the color.The color of the solution indicates severity of bad breath. These kits have one drawback and that is its cost.

Using Toothpick

Take a toothpick, and then move it in between your back teeth. Take it out and smell immediately. Toothpick may smell bad if you are suffering from bad smell. This test is not so effective and used for preliminary tests only and not a professional test for halitosis.

Time of Test

Time plays an important role in testing your breath effectively. The best time to test for symptoms is one hour after brushing the teeth. As at this time only the persons with halitosis will smell bad and not others. Testing your breath at home early in the morning after awaking because at this time almost every person smells bad.

Cure Bad Breath, halitosis

Bad Breath Cure, Bad Breath Treatment, How To Cure Bad Breath, Oraltech Labs