Cure Halitosis at Home

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I don't know about you but I hate it when I have bad breath. Sure it doesn't really matter when you are by yourself, but suddenly you find yourself face to face with someone and you are looking for ways not to speak directly to them so that they don't know you have the problem. There are a lot of different things that you can do to help with your bad breath but they tend to be things that merely treat the symptom without addressing the problem behind it. But in a pinch these things can help. Here are the top bad breath remedies.

Sometimes people only get the chance to brush their teeth in the mornings and at night because they are out of the house most of the day. That used to be a good excuse, but there are plenty of products on the market now that will allow you to freshen up your mouth on the go, try using one of these several times a day.

When the culprit is bacteria on the tongue you should try attacking that directly. Try brushing your tongue a couple of times a day, but do this last so you don't spread the bacteria to other areas of your mouth, and then rinse your toothbrush in hot water (or boil it) to help kill the bacteria. And don't forget to floss.

If it is an ongoing problem you can try staying away from strong foods and coffee for a while to see if that clears up the problem. Smoking also can cause bad breath, not only in the short term but in the long term as well.

If you have the problem then you should also try a natural bad breath remedy. There are several out there that really work, depending on what the problem is behind your bad breath.

For Persitant bad breath/halitosis visit