To Stop Bad Breath - Get The 411 On The Monster In Your Mouth

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To Stop Bad Breath - Get The 411 On The Monster In Your Mouth That Is Ruining Your Social Life


It is no surprise that when people are asked what would be a huge turn off with a date or even a friend, that one of the common responses is bad breath. It may seem unfair if you are someone who suffers from persistent bad breath as you may feel powerless about this condition and may have tried everything to no avail but such is life and you would probably feel the same way if the shoe was on the other foot. The first step to being able to stop bad breath however is to gain an understanding of this condition also known as halitosis.

You may appear to have it all, the looks, the body, the charm, the clothes, the career, etc, and to the casual observer, you may be the ultimate catch. But after one date, he or she may start to make excuses about why they cannot go on another date with you, or you do not get the digits or get the digits but when you call, you reach the local zoo!

Halitosis can be very disruptive to having an active social and dating life that most of us want. At some point you may not even want to try any more because you are tired of seeing the same reaction over and over again on someone's face when they get a whiff of the monster. You may even have tried many remedies to try to stop bad breath with no relief in sight.

To put it simply, bad breath is an unpleasant experience for not only the sufferer, but for the other person who has to endure the experience. We all want to have a pleasant experience with someone we are interested in as a mate or even as a friend and having halitosis simply gets in the way and it may not be an experience the other person wants to repeat which is understandable, but where does that leave you if you suffer from this condition?

Halitosis has plagued mankind for centuries and Americans spend millions of dollars a year on products that are advertised as being able to freshen one's breath. While some of these products may work for less severe cases of bad breath, some people for whatever reason suffer from chronic bad breath. Most cannot tell that they have severe bad breath because their bodies get used to their own smell and only when they see the reaction of others repeatedly do they realize that they have a problem.

In order to stop bad breath, you first have to determine whether you do have this problem. Simple bad breath tests include licking the back of your hand and letting it dry and smelling it, breathing into a handkerchief, running floss between your teeth especially your back teeth and letting this dry before smelling it, etc.

Halitosis contains chemical compounds that reek beyond anything any normal person can bear such as hydrogen sulfide which has a smell similar to rotten eggs, putrescine which smells like rotting meat, cadaverine which per the name has a smell similar to that of corpses and methyl mercaptan/skatole which smells like feces. Imagine having these smells coming out of your mouth and worse yet being on the receiving end. One experience of this foul smell is sufficient and a quick exit is usually required.

When trying to stop bad breath, it is important to understand what causes halitosis and the reasons vary from one individual to another. In less severe cases of bad breath, it is simply the result of a dirty mouth that just needs teeth brushing and flossing as the culprit may simply be plaque which represents an invisible layer of bacteria in the mouth. Other causes may be gum disease and tooth decay (rotten food with tooth decay is usually the culprit).

Other causes of halitosis may be the result of something in the gastrointestinal tract, lungs or some other body wide condition. Certain foods can also lead to halitosis such as consuming onions or garlic. Tobacco is also a huge culprit with bad breath.

A lot of bad breath that has a chemical smell is the result of having a health condition such as diabetes, a sinus infection, etc. If you suffer from persistent halitosis and wish to stop bad breath, figuring out the cause in your particular case is important which will help you find an effective remedy and improve your social and dating life. It is possible to defeat the monster in your mouth.

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