Tips For Living With Acid Reflux

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Tips For Living With Acid Reflux

Fruit contains ACID and as anyone on the planet knows, ACID corrodes everything it touches. Think of a rusty bucket, rusty cars, rusty plumbing(anyone who owns a house more than 30 years old knows what that's like),

and yep - rusty Esophaguses/Throats. Maybe our Esophaguses (love saying that) don't rust the same way as metal, but any ingested ACID corrodes our plumbing too - eating away at the lining of our Esophaguses (smile)

until eventually it starts to look more like an intestine than an Esophagus. Need I say more.

I also loooove chocolate. Health experts say chocolate (in small amounts of course) is good for your health because it promotes something called flavonoids otherwise known as aromatic antioxidant compounds. Really? So

what the heck are aromatic antioxidant compounds! Chocolate can cause ACID REFLUX and the only aromatic thing about ACID REFLUX is the distinct smell of well....., you know - vomit, bad breath - no smello goodo.

Nothing aromatic or sexy about that.

Another one of my favs is pasta. Pasta in the morning, pasta in the evening, pasta at supper time....., my kinda food - but also not good.

Coffee is not good, ice-cream isn't either. Potato salad is not good, and neither is meat - any kind, and hey - before you start thinking that the only thing left is dirt or grass let me explain - even healthy foods

are bad for GERD Sufferers when eaten in HUGE amounts - especially before bed.

So before you start thinking about having your local preacher read you your last rites because there really is no good reason for you to continue living, let me tell you - YOU CAN - go on living, and eating, and

enjoying life.

So here's the BIG NEWS:

For all GERD sufferers out there, ANYTHING, whether home grown, store bought, man made, or anything concocted in your mother-in-law's kitchen, can be eaten. Of course you already know the foods that cause havoc with

you, so stay away from them. For everything else, remember Mode-Ration is the key to success. No real secret. None at all.

So what can you do about it? You need to ask me? After all I've explained, you still need to ask?????

Oh....., okay then.

Ummmm, just take it easy mate. Go easy on the portions; don't over eat, but do eat often; make sure your plate has colors besides brown (meat) and white (potatoes/rice) - I suggest at least 5 colors at each meal; eat

slowly; don't eat too much at dinner; and don't forget to enjoy your meals -savor every morsel.

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