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Most bad breath, or halitosis, originates in the mouth, specifically at the back of the tongue - if you sense bad breath in throat air, the problem may not really be halitosis at all. The rotten egg smell that we associate with halitosis is the smell of sulfur compounds. These sulfur compounds are produced by bacteria that are living in the mouth and breaking down proteins for nutrients. These bacteria typically live on the tongue at the back of the mouth and they may also be found between the teeth and in gum cervices, especially when gum disease is present. They do not usually live in the throat area.

When it seems to be coming from the throat bad breath is generally being caused by something else. It could originate in one of several places. Sinus drainage and tears drain into the throat high at the back of the mouth and infection or blockage in the sinuses can result in this drainage having an unpleasant odor and thus causing bad breath in throat air. These conditions are usually temporary, especially if treated by a doctor - treating the problem will clear up the halitosis.

Air from the lungs also moves through the throat, and trapped air is occasionally expelled from the stomach through the throat as well. It's rare for a bad odor to emanate from the lungs and cause bad breath in throat air, and when this does happen, the problem is generally more serious than simple halitosis and should be promptly seen by a doctor. Similarly, throat bad breath that is thought to come from the stomach (and which is not associated with a recently eaten food), could be a sign of more serious disease. Clearly, mouthwash isn't going to help.

If bad breath in throat air is associated with a sore throat, it may simply be the result of a bacterial or viral infection that's causing breakdown of tissues there. Most of these infections are self-limiting and they clear up on their own after a few days. There is one, however, that causes throat bad breath, sore throat, and fever, and this one needs medical attention. It is Streptococcus pyogenes, the cause of strept throat. If the throat is very sore and doesn't improve on its own in a few days, is accompanied by fever, and the bad breath in throat air smells very unpleasant, see your doctor promptly for a professional diagnosis

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