The Various Causes of Bad Breath and How

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The Various Causes of Bad Breath and How to Overcome Them

You lose a lot of self confidence when you suffer from bad breath or chronic halitosis. It can even be embarrassing to purchase over-the-counter or prescription solutions for bad breath at your local store.

Unfortunately things like chronic bad breath are just one of the things that most people won't tolerate in our society.

Some sufferers help to overcome the risk of embarrassment by purchasing their bad breath solutions over the Internet or through mail-order services. It can also help to save you money and the shipping is usually really quick.

Another great perk about purchasing solutions over the Internet is that you can usually get access to the latest advancements in the field. The only way to solve your situation is to understand what causes it and why it continues to happen. This knowledge will help you to cure the source of your bad breath issues rather than to just mask the odor with mints or other cover-up cures.

Most physicians agree that communicating these causes to their patients helps in curing them much faster because then the patient can be directly involved in what needs to be done to cure the problem. In most cases bad breath is caused by bacterial activity in the mouth as well as in any of your passages that connect to your mouth.

There are just as many causes as there are cures. One of the leading causes is tooth decay that comes with broken, cracked or otherwise damaged teeth. Gum disease is another common cause due to the large amount of bacteria that is present in the gums causing swelling and increases the activity of sulfur compounds inside the mouth. If you've ever smelt the breath of someone with gum disease, it is very foul. But even if you have a very clean mouth, healthy gums and healthy teeth you can still experience bouts of bad breath.

Some bad breath is caused simply by the food you eat. Spicy, garlicky or onion-based foods can give a strong bad breath. Some people experience bad breath due to something more serious, such as a digestive or organ problem, due to the circulation of the blood through the body's system and the exchange of oxygen in the lungs being expelled up through the esophagus and into the mouth. Sometimes that strong smell within the bloodstream can remain inside the lungs and gets pushed out with our air as we breathe.

For serious medical issues, no amount of chewing gum can fix the problem. Even chewing pure mint won't make it go away. These activities can sometimes mask the odor for just a few minutes, but the bad breath is still there when the gum or mint is gone. It won't do you any good to merely mask the symptoms if you don't at least attempt to tackle to problem directly. The root of the issue must be cured in order to affect a cure. If you use an alcohol-based mouthwash your breath can actually get worse. The alcohol in the mouthwash dries out the mouth and provides conditions that help the bacteria to grow more effectively.

Bacteria reproduces quickly, increasing those sulfur compounds that make the whole situation a lot worse. Using a water-based mouthwash or other type of natural product can be very good for your mouth and will eliminate breath problems much more effectively. Your gums and the cells within your mouth will also be much healthier without all that bacteria.

Your saliva secretion will increase, which is also good because it contains antibacterial enzymes. Good oral hygiene and care can help you to minimize the issues. Brushing and flossing your teeth correctly and taking care of your mouth and health is the real key to success. Prevention is always better than trying to find a cure.


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