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Getting the right information on bad breath cures is a good first step towards curing halitosis. Smelly breath can be due to several reasons - from poor oral hygiene to various illnesses like diabetes. Fortunately, smelly breath is curable as long as the person commits to having the right oral hygiene habits.

The most critical remedy for halitosis is good dental hygiene. Frequent brushing of the teeth, or at least twice a day, removes food particles left in the mouth and the tongue. Complementing this is regular flossing which removes food trapped in between the teen and gum line. Halitosis can be cured by removing food debris accumulated on the tongue and in the mouth. Using oral care products such as powerful mouthwash is one of the more effective bad breath cures. Oral care products specifically with chlorine dioxide effectively kill bacteria that cause smelly breath. A cheap, everyday mouthwash can be done by putting a tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll on half a glass of water. Likewise, a spoonful of baking soda put in warm water can help neutralize the foul odor of breath.

Usually, antibacterial mouthwashes are effective in removing stubborn halitosis. Over-the- counter mouthwashes are used by diluting half a tablespoon into a glass of water and then gargling it for 10-30 seconds.

A basic way of keeping the mouth clean and free from foul odor is rinsing it with warm water after meals. Likewise, chewing on a twig of parsley can get rid of the bad odor. Other herbs that can substitute for over the counter mouthwashes are cloves, cardamom, guava peel and fennel.

Frequent trip to the dentist is another of the more effective bad breath cures. This is particularly true for those who have had cases of chronic halitosis and could not figure out the cause of the bad odor. Halitosis can be a result of numerous causes like undiagnosed ailment such as diabetes and gum disease. Likewise, a broken filing may trap food particles causing foul odor in the process. With regular dental care, one can ensure that plaque and tartar won't easily build up on the surface of the teeth.

In almost all cases of halitosis, proper oral hygiene is complemented with frequent dental care. Good oral hygiene includes regularly cleaning the tongue and the use of a powerful mouth rinse to prevent various conditions that encourage growth of bacteria-causing halitosis.

Likewise, the condition of the mouth can also cause it to dry, resulting to less production of saliva critical in washing away halitosis-causing bacteria. One of the best bad breath cures thus is to take enough liquids like water so that the mouth can produce saliva. Likewise, putting several drops of lemon can help in keeping the mouth's moisture, making it resist the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Going to clinics specializing in treatment of halitosis is also recommended. Fresh breath clinics provide diagnostic and treatment options for stinky breath that just won't go away.

With these treatment options, chronic halitosis should be a thing of the past for just about anyone.

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