Sick to Death of Bad Breath?

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Bad breath cures are something every socially conscious person wants to find. This can be dealt similarly to how you try and solve all other problems. First try and find out if you have a problem, and then resolve it. I will show you some quick methods how.

But first some background info you need to know. There are two parts to your tongue, the anterior and posterior portion, or the front and the back. Germs can come from both sections of your tongue. Knowing where your bad breath is can help localize the problem and make it easier to find a cure.

There are many ways to test to see whether you have bad breath or not. You can ask a friend or spouse to see if you have breath. This won't necessarily tell you where you're bad breath is, but it helps to know what other people think. For a more localized test try licking your arm and letting it dry for a second. Then smell it. If it smells bad then you probably have a problem with the front of your tongue.

To test the back of your tongue, use a spoon. Scrape the back of your tongue and smell to see if it is bad. If it smells then you probably have a problem with the back of your tongue.

Bad breath is caused by bacteria. If your problem is in the front you should try and brush your tongue to get rid of the bacteria. Anti-bacterial mouthwash helps to get rid of the bacteria everywhere in the mouth so it would be good to use that also. For the back of the tongue, mouthwash is the best solution because it gets into the grooves of your mouth. Try gargling with it to get the full effect.

If mouthwash does not work, try mixing water with hydrogen peroxide as an oral rinse. This will also try and kill the bacteria present in your mouth. Do this on a regular basis, up to four times a day to get the full effect.

Another reason for bad breath is tooth decay. When your teeth decay they give off a bad odour. If you didn't have time to visit the dentist for a filling, try drinking some green tea. It has been shown to kill some of the bacteria that cause tooth decay. This may temporary stop the problem.

Breath issues can stem from the type of diet you eat. If you eat more garlic and onions, your breath might have a sharper smell than most people. Also, if you are in a very low carbohydrate diet, it may give off an extremely foul scent, resulting from your body having to burn the fat rather than carbohydrates for fuel.

You should also try to drink a lot of water because bacteria thrive in dry mouths. When your mouth has no saliva bacteria that produce sulphur gases thrive eating at the sugars left in your mouth. This is why you have morning breath. Drinking more water prevents dry mouth and the risk of getting breath issues throughout the day.

For Persitant bad breath/halitosis visit