Post Nasal Drip and Its Relation

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Post Nasal Drip and Its Relation to Bad Breath


Post nasal drip and bad breath are two conditions which are actually related although most people do not know about it. Sting breath can actually be caused by post nasal drip especially those which resulted from sinus infections. There are actually other causes for awful breath but this article will particularly discuss post nasal drip bad breath.

Bad breath is a condition where ones' breath does not smell good. Thus making the person who is suffering from awful breath also suffer from low self esteem and eventually have problems with relating with others. The bacteria which is responsible for awful breath eats protein from the foods that we eat and this is their way to continue living and eventually reproduce causing one's breath to be worse. If someone is suffering from post nasal drip then he is suffering from excessive mucus production of the sinuses. Mucus is made up of protein which is being eaten by the bacteria which causes awful breath. Thus, bacteria easily multiply and consequently cause halitosis.

There are several ways to treat awful breath although most of the ways are only temporary treatments. For awful breath that is caused by post nasal drip, the best way to treat it is to actually cure the root cause for post nasal drip which can either be allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis or gastric acid problems. The treatments are different depending on the cause. For instance, allergies can be cured by allergic medications such as steroids or antihistamines where steroids are only prescribed for severe cases. Sinusitis and rhinitis can be treated by nasal irrigation and decongestants whose both aim is to unclogged the clogged sinuses and membranes. Medications are also given for gastric acid problems and the best option for each available treatment should depend on the doctor's recommendation.

Usually, bad breath or halitosis problems happen to occur due to bad oral hygiene. This reason is very much obvious, although, besides this, there are other reasons behind the occurrence of halitosis. Post nasal drip is one of them. Nose is an essential part of our body. Its function is not only to smell but it also improves the eating skills. It helps in smoothing our breath by keeping our respiratory system warm and refines the air inhaled. Generally, under normal conditions our nose produces special moisture (about two liters). This special moisture is known as "mucus" which helps to clean and refine the respiratory channel and makes your breathing smooth. Gathering of special kind of moisture i.e. mucus, in throat and nose, results in "post nasal drip bad breath". This gives feeling like dripping of mucus. This is very irritating and might results in intensive cough.

Due to extreme cold temperature, allergies or various viruses secretion of thin mucus happens to occur. The secretion of mucus very much depends on "change in food" and "consumption of drugs". As these two factors may result in increase or decrease of hormone level, which in return becomes the cause of excessive secretion of mucus. However, thin mucus secretion is caused by nasal infections, smoking and much more.

We are all the time surrounded by bacteria. Although 90 percent of halitosis problems happen to occur because of bacteria (surrounded in mouth and nose), this may also lead to various other diseases. Some people ignore it and don't take it seriously, but it may create complications in the long run. So it is ideal to treat it on time. It will definitely prevent you from some major problem.

Post nasal drip bad breath is monstrous irritating situation and some times it becomes irresistible. It is a very much difficult problem to resist and one feels helpless in this situation. Especially, if you are facing this problem first time then it will be very difficult for you to bear it. Mostly people don't even know that they are suffering from post nasal drip bad breath. Because of misconceptions, they treat it as normal flu as they do not know about the symptoms of post nasal drip bad breath or about the disease itself. In this disease, you might have to face frequent coughing along with clearing of throat. Stomach disorder might be a symptom of this disease. Although, all these are thought to be symptoms of nasal drip but it is recommended that in order to confirm that individual is really suffering from it or not, one should visit a doctor. Your treatment will start by examining your ear, throat and nose first, and also by taking some lab tests, x-rays etc. Doctor may prescribe some medicines and precautions after examining.

Post nasal drip bad breath negatively affects your social relationship and becomes the cause of lack of confidence. In order to make your carrier successful, get problem treatment to get rid of the problem.


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