Post Nasal Drip Symptoms Post Nasal Drip

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Post Nasal Drip Symptoms

Post Nasal drip (PND) is a very irritating condition to say the least and it could sometimes be very hard to bear. If it is your first time to experience this kind of drip, you would greatly notice and realize how difficult it is to deal with this type of condition.

Some people do not really realize they have nasal drip and think that whatever it they are experiencing at the moment is basically just a normal thing. However, it would be wise for you to know the different symptoms of this kind of drainage in order for you to know whether or not you are actually experiencing it at this point in time.

PND is usually characterized by constant cough as well as the need to clear ones throat regularly. Frequent sore throat is also a clear indication of this nasal drip. You may also experience upset stomach triggered by the excess mucous that runs down the back of your throat and into your digestive system. Bad breath or what is also known as halitosis is also one clear indication of post nasal drip.

All these symptoms are very common that there is great difficulty in knowing whether or not you actually have this PND or just the common case of such symptoms. It would be highly advisable for you to consult with your doctor and physician in order for you to make sure what your diagnosis actually is.

Treat Post nasal drip now to avoid further complications to your body and system in the future.

Post nasal drip is characterized by a condition wherein the mucous builds up at the back of the throat and is very common among people caused by different things. Although this maybe regarded to be a very common occurrence, still it can also become a very serious one which requires you to consult your doctor. It could cause a lot of health implications most especially when you fail to rinse and flush nasal cavities on a regular basis.

A lot of dangers could occur when you have nasal drip. One of the most serious things is that you will surely have bad breath once you posses this kind of drip. This condition also causes nasal congestion - a health condition wherein there is an excessive mucous build up in the mouth and in the throat that may end up to a very painful and serious experience on your part.

Excessive build up of mucous in the mouth could block the nasal passage and could make breathing very difficult on the part of the bearer; if the condition continues to worsen, infection could then occur. Sinus infection is one effect of having this kind of drip which then causes sinus headache. If this condition worsens, chances are your sinus would need to be operated just to treat it.

Bad breath is the most common symptom of Post Nasal Drip and is closely related to one another. If you constantly have bad breath even if you are very particular with your hygiene and brush your teeth regularly, you should definitely consult with a doctor or a dentist.


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