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A natural cure for bad breath or halitosis may sound as though it involves primarily a number of remedies manufactured using natural ingredients. It is quite true, but only partly accurate. Bad breath is caused mainly by several kinds of bacteria in the oral cavity. Good oral hygiene sometimes prevents any such infection. Most would agree that prevention is not simply better than cure, but in fact, may be considered as the best form of cure. Therefore, it may be assumed that good oral hygiene is the best natural cure for bad breath. While it may not work for the most severe cases of halitosis, a thorough cleaning of the mouth will help many.

Oral hygiene includes proper cleanliness and maintenance of every component of the oral cavity. Brushing one's teeth daily and on a regular basis is therefore a must. Although many kinds of toothpaste are chemically synthesized, natural toothpastes are also available. These are generally prepared from the extracts of natural herbs and trees like the neem tree, for example. Interestingly, neem branches can be extremely effective natural care for teeth.

Scraping the tongue right up to the back using a tongue scraper can also be an effective natural cure for halitosis, ensuring that residues of ingested food do not form sediments on the surface of the tongue. Bad breath is generally caused by bacteria that utilize residual proteins for their nutrition to form volatile sulfur compounds or VSC. Therefore, the tongue as well as the oral cavity should be kept as clean as possible. Flossing daily is also recommended as a natural cure for bad breath.

Certain changes in the diet can also be a natural cure for bad breath. Milk, acidic foods and certain forms of cheese are often the cause of bad breath. Simply removing these from the diet can prevent bad breath to a considerable extent.

Apart from the natural cure for bad breath, a number of over-the-counter products for countering halitosis are available in the market. However, it is not mandatory for someone not having persistent halitosis to use these products. Some of these products are also considerably expensive, and most require a prescription and regular doctor visits, so this is not a viable option for the vast majority of people.

An extremely effective natural cure for bad breath is the use of spices, like cloves, for example. Parsley and mint may be chewed to eliminate bad breath. Rosemary and basil have a similar effect. Another excellent natural cure for bad breath is chlorophyll. Tablets of chlorophyll are available at most pharmaceutical outlets.

Other forms of herbs and naturally prepared tablets include alfalfa tablets, fennel, thyme, wintergreen, fennel and spiraling. Some forms of tea like alfalfa tea can also improve the scent of your breath. While these products are not commercially available in all areas, the internet will often allow you to find whatever you need.

A very popular natural cure for bad breath that is used frequently nowadays is the use of spearmint gum prepared using essential oils. Natural essential oils play a major role in eliminating the bacteria that cause halitosis.

Finding a natural cure for bad breath is easy, but preventing bad breath from starting is never easy. In some cases, however, that will not work. Halitosis, or chronic bad breath, affects one out of every nine people, and requires a very special solution in order to be cured.

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