My Love Partner Said I Have Bad Breath

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Right...It is really a nightmare to discover that your girlfriend or boyfriend has terrible bad breath or halitosis, especially when you discovered it while kissing with him or her, worse still, a French Kiss! If this is the case, the bad breath will really do some damage to your romantic relationship with him or her.

Imagine your love partner wanted to express his or her love by giving you a kiss on your lips. While he or she is slowing moving towards you, looking at you with loving and seductive eyes, and while he or she is going to put a smack on your lips, you struggle to shove him or her away upon smelling the terrible breath. The consequence is that he or she will be hurt by your actions and you yourself will also feel sad to see your love partner hurt. Do you want this to happen? Of course NO!

There are a couple of reasons why your love partner might have bad breath. First, they might be a smoker or alcoholic, second they do not have basic oral care hygiene, third their tonsils and tongue are filled with too much disgusting bacteria that causes halitosis.

To get rid of bad breath, people will usually try to brush their teeth with toothpastes more often or simply eat sweets to conceal their terrible breath. Both such methods are not going to work out in the long-term. If you want to cure halitosis completely, you need to get to the root of the problem!

First, you have to determine how serious is your love partner's halitosis condition by bracing yourself to smell it. You are the one who are going to do it as you are the closest kin to your love partner. He or she will be very appreciative of your effort.

Once you've determined how severe is the halitosis, you should honestly let him or her know how bad is the condition. You should explain to him or her that having bad breath is a common medical condition but it is not a incurable condition. Tell your love partner that you don't despise him or her and you love him or her very much, that is why you are here to help with curing the condition. Many halitosis sufferers do not know or even admit they have a breath problem until their loved ones point out to them. Halitosis sufferers should acknowledge their condition and take efforts in stopping their bad breath.

Halitosis is curable and it can be get rid of completely when the right bad breath cure, bad breath remedies and bad breath treatment are used. The most important first step to curing bad breath is your oral hygiene habit. On top of brushing frequently with toothpastes, buy him or her a tongue cleaner to scrub off those foul-smelling bacteria on the tongue. Bad breath is caused by the bacteria that live on your tongue and your tonsils. Remember to scrub the back of your tongue twice a day to get rid of these bacteria. Invest in a good toothbrush and a quality toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day. Specifically, you should choose those toothpastes that promise to eliminate more bacteria in your mouth.

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as both of these are the number one causes of bad breath. You should tell your love partner to avoid a diet high in proteins which is also a main source of horrible breath. Next, you should also buy your love partner a good oral rinse which promises a fresh breath rinse, guaranteed to stop bad breath. All these basic oral hygiene cares are the most significant method to curing terrible breath completely. When you make it a habit to take care of your oral hygiene regularly, you are on the right track to a fresh and clean breath again!

The next time when your love partner wanted to kiss you, you will embrace yourself and give him or her a good french kiss! Of course you will only do it when your love partner has totally eliminate his or her horrible breath condition.

Remember: Having bad breath is not a sin and you should never stay in denial of your condition. You can regain your fresh and clean breath if you take efforts in having good oral hygiene care. Both of you would avoid kissing or even being closer to each other as the smell of the terrible breath is going to turn both of you off.

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