Methods of Chronic Bad Breath

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Chronic bad breath or halitosis can be a persistent chronic problem. However fortunately, regardless how persistent the chronic halitosis problem, there are some very effective chronic bad breath cures. Before the details of the cures, it is useful to have a brief foreknowledge of the reasons behind such halitosis problems.

Halitosis is primarily caused by bacterial action inside the mouth. The mouth naturally contains many bacteria. These bacteria perform several symbiotic functions of the body. It is when this bacterial inhabitation over goes a certain limit, due to availability of more bacterial nutrition inside the mouth, the problem of halitosis occurs. The whitish layer found over the tongue serves as the bacterial nutrition. This whitish layer is mainly composed of leftovers of food, alcohol and nicotine particles and dead cells of the mouth itself. These together give the bacteria like H.Pylori and S. mutans a thriving bed. The bacterial action on the residue generates mild amounts of sulfurous fumes. The combined smell of alcohol and nicotine adds to this smell of bacterial action, and thus is halitosis mainly caused. When the cleanliness of the mouth has remained neglected for a long time, there may be really a need of following some simple steps of chronic bad breath cure and get rid of the foulness of the mouth.

The first step of chronic bad breath cure is to take mouth cleanliness seriously. Everyone has got a habit of mouth cleanliness. People who do not brush, they even try to clean the food debris from the teeth by their tongues. It is a natural habitual instinct to clean the mouth. What a person has to do is to just increase the time of this habit. Try brushing continuously for four minutes at least. Dentists suggest that the best way to brush is not in a haphazard circular motion, but in a lengthwise scrubbing fashion. Not fast harsh scrubs, but gentle slanting scrubs are okay. However, you have to remember to pay individual attention to every tooth. Use floss to clean the food leftovers between the teeth. Dentists generally recommend good fluoride based toothpastes for daily use.

The tongue is a region that must be specially paid attention to while getting rid of the halitosis in the mouth. This is because it is the posterior region of the tongue, or the interior tongue where is the main source of halitosis. In fact, this posteriority of bad breath causes a very unique problem. The person who is smelling bad cannot himself feel the halitosis coming from his own mouth. The nose cannot pick up this internal smells. If while cleaning mouth, the white residue on the tongue is cleaned thoroughly, then the problem of halitosis can be easily got rid of. Washing the mouth with mouthwash after brushing the teeth is also very helpful in keeping the mouth free of odorous bacteria.

However, the fastest chronic bad breath cure method is to match the mouth washing schedule with little changes in the diet. Try including more vegan ingredients in the meals, vegetables and fresh fruits have a special organic ability to keep the mouth halitosis free. Beverages like green tea and lemon syrup are helpful in chronic halitosis problems cure. Beverages like soft drinks and hard drinks help nothing in solving any halitosis problem.

Having enough water throughout the day is a best option to chronic bad breath cure. Water fights bad breath in two ways. Firstly, it keeps the mouth clean. Secondly, it keeps the mouth moistened and thus inhibits bacterial action. Besides having a lots of water is good for the overall health too, especially the skin.

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