Just What Is The Link Concerning Post Nasal Drip

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Just What Is The Link Concerning Post Nasal Drip And Bad Breath?


Post nasal drip is a chronic problem for many people and having it results in post nasal drip and bad breath issues. It can create a much more significant issue with unpleasant mouth odor if not treated, but the good news is there are methods to help remedy the problem, and get rid of the offensive breath connected to it. Other issues pertaining to sinus problems might even be resolved by using some of these bad breath cures and solutions.

Understanding Post Nasal Drip  

Post nasal drip is defined as a rise in the production of mucus. It's this mucus that is responsible for post nasal drip and bad breath. It's when the mucus flows from the back of your nose to the throat that it's labeled as post nasal drip. There are a number of things which come along with nasal issues including:

•Sinus Infections.
•A Deviated Septum.

Certain Medications:

Depending on how severe your problem is and how you intend to treat it, the condition might not even be obvious to other people if you do endure post nasal drip and bad breath.

How Nasal Issues Bring About Breath Concerns:

Bad breath can be one of the consequences of developing post nasal drip. It's because the mucus you're producing has amino acid elements in it. And inside the mouth you will find bacteria that nourish themselves on the proteins and their waste is the reason why your breath can be so horrible. This process can occur pretty quickly as the bacteria flourish and thrive so it's helpful to know some treatment options to prevent sinus and breath issues.

Some Bad Breath Solutions:

There are several remedies you can try to relief your nasal and offensive breath issues. Each solutions varies, depending of the seriousness of your drip and the period of time you've had it.

Brushing-brushing your teeth helps but a thorough brushing coupled with flossing, using a water pick will break up the mucus build up and lower the chance of having horrible breath associated with your sinus problems. Also using a mouth rinse or other products made to fight terrible breath helps.

Production of Saliva-increase the production of saliva by doing things like sucking on mints, chewing gum, or drinking fluids and you can be assure that the bacteria won't be able to feed on any mucus as you have gotten rid of it by swallowing.

Do you remember the last time that you had a cold? Remember the slimy feeling of something slowly dripping down your throat? That, my friend, is referred to as post nasal drip. Bad breath can be caused by the flu and the common cold, and post nasal drip is usually the culprit. This 'drip' is made up of mucus that has become diseased or unhealthy. Normally, mucus is clear. When you are sick, mucus can turn white and sticky or green and unhealthy. This is called post nasal drip and bad breath usually follows this.

When you have post nasal drip, bad breath occurs because the unhealthy mucus blocks your airways, making it difficult to breath. If you are not able to expel the mucus from your nostrils, you start breathing through your mouth, which causes dryness and cracked lips. Dry mouths are a perfect breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria, which, when multiplied, produce that unpleasant odor we call foul breath. These two conditions go hand in hand because the unhealthy mucus will most definitely affect the way you breathe unless you cure it.

Another reason associated with post nasal drip and bad breath is the use of over the counter medication. When you have the flu, it is usually treated by taking antihistamines (if the cold is caused by allergies) or decongestants (when you find it hard to breathe and would like to thin out the mucus). These over the counter medications actually dry the mouth and can further cause foul breath.

There are many marketed cures today to get rid of post nasal drip and bad breath. Of course, targeting the symptoms may not help as you only mask the problem. To make sure that this dual condition will go away completely, you need to cure the cold or allergy that is causing these conditions in the first place. Some of the effective cures for the common cold include inhaling steam, nasal irrigation, eating foods rich with bacteria fighting properties, drinking vitamins, and the like. The most common cure is of course to stay hydrated and drink a lot of fluids and let your body's immune system fight the bacteria for you. Whichever regimen you choose to follow, just make sure to target the problem itself rather than tackling the symptoms like post nasal drip and bad breath. These will be resolved on its own time if you focus on curing your cold.


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