Is There a Cure For Bad Breath?

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Are you allowing bad breath to become a part of your life? Bad breath in another word is also known as 'halitosis'. It is one of the most common problems faced by the people today. There is an estimation of at least 35% or more of the population worldwide are suffering from halitosis and many people find this condition embarrassing. This problem has also greatly affect their self-esteem and social life. So, is there a cure for bad breath?

The most basic cure for halitosis is to go for regular dental check up and maintain a good oral hygiene. Sometimes, untreated cavities, inflammation of gums or gingivitis may often be the causes of halitosis.

Precautions against bad breath can be as simple as drinking enough water and avoid eating food like garlic or onions which normally can cause one person to have halitosis. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as both tend to make the breath stink and alcohol can make your mouth dry. When your mouth is dry, it tend to smell bad too. The best way to prevent your mouth getting too dry is to drink plain water.

Other than that, many mouthwashes in the market right consist of alcohol. Mouthwashes does great when you need it to refresh your breath. However, it is not a very ideal remedy to cure halitosis totally. Instead, it will just mask the smell and make the mouth the dry. Your halitosis problem may still be there because the mint will wear off after a while. It may just worsen the problem. Hence, mouthwashes is not really a good way to cure for your breath.

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