How to Fight Bad Breath - Learn to Cure

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Bad breath is a condition which every one of us faces sometime or other. It is caused by various factors. When we are talking about how to fight bad breath, we must take into account these factors.

Foul breath is emitted because of various other ailments from which we might be suffering. If chronically suffering from digestive problems like constipation or acidity, it will lead to bad breath. Sometimes diseases like tonsillitis or any other respiratory infection too gives rise to this condition.

But the main cause for this situation is due to unhealthy oral hygiene. You should brush your teeth and tongue after every meal. Bacteria react with the residue of the food and drink in the mouth, to cause foul smell of the breath.

If suffering from bleeding gums, get it treated urgently as this too will give rise to bad breath.

A traditional way to fight bad breath is to have yogurt. It has been proven that the good bacteria of yogurt help to fight the bacteria causing this condition. Eating unripe guavas too, will get rid of foul breath.

Have lots of green vegetable and fruits. Make way for some fibrous food in your diet. Try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day so that your mouth doesn't become dry due to dehydration. Dry mouth give out foul odors. Of course, it might be due to other causes like breathing through mouth or taking oral sprays for asthma etc.

Another effective cure for this condition is to have avocado which is much better than any mouth wash. It removes intestinal decomposition which is again a cause for bad breath.

Sometimes consumption of foods like onion and garlic give rise to this disorder. Dental problems like bleeding gums, abscess at the root of the teeth too are the cause of bad breath.

Each person's body react differently to a particular treatment, so it is not necessary what is good for your friend has to have the same effect on you. Choose the correct and most suitable treatment for treating your bad breath.

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