How to Cure Bad Breath - Are Mouthwashes

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How to Cure Bad Breath - Are Mouthwashes Up to the Job?


Social stigma:

Suffering from chronic halitosis is not only an embarrassing problem, but a condition which can deeply damage self-esteem and confidence. It can lead to social isolation, anxiety and depression. There is a huge social stigma attached to bad breath, and this is no joke.

The mere act of having a conversation - be it with a friend, a family member, a work colleague, a shop assistant or a complete stranger in the street - is impaired because, when you suffer from bad breath, you will just do anything to avoid opening your mouth in public. After years of suffering from this condition, eventually the question of how to cure bad breath becomes meaningless because you have convinced yourself there is nothing you can do, other than learn to live with it...

Fear of your own breath:

Your life - every single mundane action - is ruled by fearful thoughts about your stinky breath and whether people will notice: "I shouldn´t stay on the table too long after eating or else my breath will start to smell really rotten...", "I need to find time to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth before the company meeting", or "There is no way I can go to the cinema tonight... It will be a nightmare to sit there, knowing my friends will have to put up with that awful smell for so long...". I mean, you reach a point where you don´t even want to get out of the house to see your friends. You constantly torture yourself because you know how uncomfortable people feel around you... A horrible vicious cycle that you don´t seem to be able to avoid.

The search for the holy grail:

"How to cure bad breath" soon becomes synonym of "What brand of mouthwash can cure my bad breath?"... For a long time, you do not question the fact that the only way to sort out your problem must be something you rinse your mouth with. And then there is the omnipresent irrational believe that you will eventually find the magic mouthwash or home-made rinse that will cure your bad breath in two seconds flat. So you keep hoping, spending money, buying one product after another, thinking that one day you will find the one. And all you keep doing is attempt to mask the problem... But still fail miserably at everything new you try.

The truth is chronic halitosis is usually a symptom of other underlying conditions or diseases, and no amount of tooth brushing, tongue cleaning or mouth rinsing can ever completely get rid of bad breath, unless these underlying conditions or diseases are identified and treated first. Once one realises this simple fact, everything becomes much clearer and the silly search for the holy grail can stop.

So are there any mouthwashes up to the job?

There are many different types of mouthwashes and home-made rinses. Antibacterial, oxygenating, first generation, second generation... The fact is there is no point whatsoever using any of these products unless the roots of the bad breath problem are addressed directly first. Apart from the fact that most mouthwashes are made with very strong artificial chemicals, it is a well documented fact that mechanical methods (not chemical methods) are by far the most successful when it comes to treating chronic halitosis. Changing the mouth´s bacterial environment via chemical methods can only ever be a temporary solution; if it works in the first place (a few hours at most if you are lucky!).

How to Cure Bad Breath:

Accurate diagnosis of all the root causes, that is, identification of all the underlying conditions, diseases or other factors that are causing the nasty odours, is crucial if a permanent cure for bad breath is to be found. Since it is often the case that multiple causes are to blame, it is important that a methodical approach is used so that no stones are left unturned.

What is a methodical approach? Starting from the basics (optimal oral hygiene techniques, etc), then looking into every possible contributing factor, while identifying the type and origin of the malodours, recognising any other symptoms, determining the underlying conditions and diseases, and finally using the most effective tools, techniques and treatments that specifically target these underlying diseases and conditions.

Treating chronic halitosis does entail a bit more than mouth rinsing or gum chewing, but bad breath is definitely a curable condition, as long as the underlying causes are accurately diagnosed and the right methods, techniques and treatments are used.


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