How to Become a Medical Test

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How to Become a Medical Test Subject



Being a medical test subject is an interesting way to earn extra money while helping researchers develop new potentially lifesaving medications. If you've ever wanted an interesting hobby that actually pays you to

spend a few days lying around in bed watching TV and playing video games, then you may want to become a medical test subject.

Testing takes place in hospitals all around the country and test subjects can make thousands of dollars for staying overnight for a weekend, or for making a few regularly scheduled doctors visits. Here's how to do


Identify your test group type: There are medical tests available for just about everyone, from weight-loss medicines, to blood thinners. Many studies are available for healthy participants as well. If you currently

suffer from any ailments you will want to start your search looking for new treatments for those.

Search for related studies: Do a simple Google or Bing search to find test facilities in your area. Use terms like "medical test subjects" or "drug research subjects." Be sure to check out your local yellow pages

and online classifieds like craigslist or backpage.

Narrow your search: Once you have found a few companies look through their index for studies you may qualify for.

If you have a specific illness or disability you may want to look for studies that deal with it first. If you are healthy look for "healthy" studies which will place you in a control group to test the side-effects

of various new medicines.

Apply for a study: Once you have found a few studies that interest you, follow the companies application protocols to sign up for the study. In most cases the facility running the test will call you back within a

few days and give you a phone interview. If you pass that you'll be asked to come in for a screening to determine your eligibility.

Before your interview: If you are applying for a "healthy" study, make sure that you really are healthy. Many studies will disqualify you if you smoke, do drugs, or use alcohol. In most cases they give you a couple

of weeks to get any disqualifying substances out of your system.

Ace your Phone Interview: The first step to a good phone interview is honesty. During the interview, the researcher will ask you a variety of questions about your medical history and will talk to you about their

privacy policy. If you have chosen a study that you should qualify for you will most likely breeze through this part and get scheduled for a screening.

Pass your screening: At this point the researches want to make sure that you are fully qualified for their test, so they will run a variety of screens on you. Tests may include urine samples, blood draws, EKG s etc.

During your screening they will also explain the details of the specific study you are applying to and will have you sign papers stating that you understand the rules of the study and the risks.

Wait: Once you have gone to your screening, they will tell you if the study is open or if you are on a waiting list. If you are in the study, you will be sent home to wait and see if you pass your screens. If you

did pass, then you will be told where to go for the study, and any other rules about your specific test protocol.

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