Friendship and Love - Are The Best Relationships

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Friendship and Love - Are The Best Relationships Based On Friendships?


Many people will tell you that the best marriages are based on friendship. This is very true as you become friends with people who have interests similar to yours. Even when the newness has worn off of your marriage, you will still have plenty to talk about. There will be no disagreement on how to spend vacations and time off as you both like the same activities. If you have a friend who you are interested in romantically, you can move the relationship to a new level. In fact, this friend may be having the same feelings about you.

One thing that you need to be cautioned about when moving a friendship to a romantic level is your comfort zone. You will still need to treat the person with the same respect that you would anyone new you are going out with. Just because you have been friends for some time now, does not mean you can ignore the basic courtesies. If you have a sub for lunch with garlic and onions, your romantic interest won't appreciate your bad breath if you do go to make a move. Although he or she already knows you like this type of food and has probably smelled your breath before, you weren't locking lips. This can be a relationship breaker.

Bad breath is not the only thing you should consider when becoming romantically involved with a good friend. Just because he or she may have seen you at your worst in the past doesn't mean you shouldn't take care with your appearance. Don't arrive for a date in your rattiest old clothes. Take some time and get dressed up. Show that you want to look good for them. Little things like this do make a difference as any married couple will tell you. Even after fifty years of marriage, it doesn't hurt to great your husband at the door with freshly applied lipstick so you are putting your best face forward. He will appreciate that you care enough to do this.

Along with ridding yourself of bad breath and dressing up a little, you should also make the effort to learn new things about your friend turned partner. Knowing each other for some time doesn't mean you know everything about them. Even after years of marriage, you can still learn new stuff about your significant other. They may constantly surprise you and this helps to keep the relationship fresh.

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