Free Bad Breath Cure You Missed

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It's true that bad breath can ruin your day. People with bad breath may have low self-esteem due to the revolting odor coming from one's mouth. Since foul breath has been the source of insecurity for most people, many industries and companies are also taking advantage in draining the consumer's money in the so-called medicines for bad breath. But did you know that there has always been a free bad breath cure waiting to be discovered?

Natural Remedies

The first idea that may come into your mind are natural remedies to cure your breath. Well, you bet. There are natural remedies that would not cost that much. I know you are familiar with baking soda in some brands of toothpaste. Actually, you can take baking soda's full ability if you use its pure form. Scientifically, baking soda neutralizes the pH levels in your mouth and gets rid of acid and bacteria build-up.

So, next time you walk into your kitchen, try looking for baking soda. Actually, there are two ways in preparing it for your teeth. The most traditional is to make a baking soda solution composed of a large portion of water and some baking soda in it. You have to gargle the solution in at least 30 seconds to a minute. You can also make some sort of baking soda toothpaste by adding a small amount of water with the baking soda until you can create a thick liquefied solution.

Green tea leaves are also proven to get rid of unpleasant breath. It is said to contain polyphenols, a substance that prevents acid build up. If you have a green tea plant in your backyard, why not try drying its leaves and make it as a tea? Not only are you getting a refreshing drink, you are also applying a natural remedy for poor breath.

Good Hygiene

You may get all the herbs in your backyard but without good hygiene, definitely, your breath problem will never be cured. Try going to the dentist and he or she will surely mention this. Good hygiene will include frequent brushing coupled with flossing. You may think that you are too busy to apply floss to your teeth but remember, flossing will get rid of tartar and food leftovers that have not been removed by your toothbrush.

Of course, your dentist should know about your condition, your lifestyle and even your diet. There are food groups especially spices that may spoil your breath. Drinking too much alcohol will ultimately increase your acid levels in your mouth thus also causing unpleasant breath.

Being honest with your dentist will lead to the right diagnosis for your problem. Visiting your dentist regularly will also alert you of possible health problems that may cause bad breath. People suffering with hyperacidity, reflux and other gastrointestinal disorders have been found to have bad breath.

Observe your body. If it responds to natural means and the advice from your dentist, then you are lucky. If those ways are not working, never hesitate to solicit information from your dentist. Also consider other internal organ examinations just in case.

For Persitant bad breath/halitosis visit