Finally a Bad Breath Home Remedy to Cure Bad Breath

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Are you tired of trying and trying but never finding 'that' bad breath home remedy that really, truly works? To tell you the truth, I literally tried everything there was that 'promised' to cure my bad breath. I tried almost every mouthwash on the market, chewed endless amounts of gum, and used those oral sprays and strips. Now although some of these gave me temporary relief, none of them attacked the true ROOT of my bad breath causes.

However, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a bad breath home remedy for dirt-cheap that allowed me to cure my bad breath within 24 hours (yes I did say within 24 hours) and it never came back. Even I think I'm lying sometimes... But, before I reveal this potential life-changer to you, here are some bad breath tips that I discovered that can help:

1) Drink plenty of water.

I noticed that whenever I was more dehydrated (dry mouth and darker urine), my breath smelled worse. I realized that staying hydrated helped my breath to smell a little better. So, drink a glass or 2 in the morning and drink water after every time you eat in order to rinse away food residue from your mouth and to help neutralize any odors.

2) Use a tongue-scraper.

I highly recommend to invest in a tongue scraper. You can pick one up for less than a couple bucks at any nearby convenience store. If you don't know what they are, then they do just what their name says - scrape residue off of your tongue. So now you can get rid of that smelly white crap every morning and this is sure to help.

However, for a permanent bad breath home remedy that will cure your bad breath for good I recommend a second option. Now I hated being dependent on these pesky little temporary solutions to my bad breath. I seriously thought I would be carrying around mints and oral sprays my entire life.

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