Finally, A Permanent Natural Remedy For Bad Breath to Get Rid of Bad Breath

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Don't you just wish you could find a natural remedy for bad breath that could just cure your bad breath once and for all? Well, to spill some good news, there actually is a 'final' solution to bad breath woes once and for all, and if you don't believe me then let me open my mouth and you can smell the proof! But before I reveal this life-changer to you, let me tell you my story and some simple tips I picked up along the way.

After I became dependent on Listerine, mint chewing gum, and bogus oral sprays, I thought that there had to be a better way. I was just so tired of being afraid to talk to people. My work life suffered as well as my social and love lives. But through an act of divine intervention it seems, I found a natural remedy for bad breath that finally ended my chronic bad breath once and for all. However, before I tell you this, here are 2 tips that I discovered can help you fight bad breath in the short term:

1) Eat less sugar.

I realized that after I ate lots of sugary foods, like desserts and candies, my breath seemed to get upset. I guess it has something to do with the saliva enzyme "amylase" and its reaction with the sugars. But try to eat less sugars and your breath might be in a better mood!

2) Drink more water.

I noticed that the more dehydrated I was (darker urine and drier mouth), the worse of a taste that I had in my mouth. But when I began drinking a couple glasses of water in the morning and drinking water after every time I ate something, my breath smelled better.

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