Effective Bad Breath Home Remedies

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Have you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars over ineffective remedies for your bad breath? Don't you know that some of the most effective remedies for bad breath can be found in your home? Your kitchen and garden is the best source for bad breath home remedies. The best part is that it is free!

Rummage through your kitchen and I am sure that you will find a box of baking soda in your kitchen cabinet or your refrigerator. Baking soda is one of the oldest known remedy for bad smell. It can help neutralize the unpleasant smell in your mouth. Brushing your teeth using baking soda will you give an odor-free mouth.

Your fruit basket also holds some the best bad breath home remedies. Avocado, apples, guava and lemons, among others. Avocado is said to remove intestinal decomposition which is one of the causes of bad smell. Guava is an effective cure for gum problems that contributes to bad smell. It has properties like tannic, malic, oxalic and phosphoric acids that is excellent for the teeth and gums. It can cure gum bleeding as well. The unripe guava is the more effective, as well as its tender leaves. Chew on these to help stop bad smell.

An apple a day keeps the dentist away! Eating apples everyday is good for mouth purification as it removes the bacteria that cause bad smell. Munching an apple after eating helps remove trapped food particles. It also leaves your mouth smelling fresh and clean all day.

In your garden, you will find vegetables and herbs growing. Some of the vegetables and herbs that are great home remedy for bad smell are fenugreek, parsley, alfalfa, cardamom, sage, fennel and peppermint.

Fenugreek are said to be the most effective plant for treating bad breath. It can be made as tea by simmering a liter of water teaspoon and a teaspoon of the seeds for 15 minutes. Strain well and drink as any tea beverage without sugar.

Cardamom keeps your mouth smelling fresh. Gargle a cup of boiled cardamom or chew some in your mouth.

Frequent water intake hydrates your mouth and eliminates build up of oral bacteria. Dry mouth emits foul odor. Instead of caffeinated and carbonated drinks, take water regularly. It's healthy, too!

Among the healthiest and effective bad smell home remedies are fresh or raw juices. The good acids from fruit and vegetable juices fight odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. It is always a very healthy and delicious alternative in treating bad smell. Drinking fresh juice regularly is a beneficial treatment for such disorder.

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