Does Your Breath Stink? Try These Simple

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Does Your Breath Stink? Try These Simple Tests to Find Out


We all worry about having bad breath at some time or another. The problem is how can you tell if your breath stinks? Unfortunately we can't smell our own breath, but we can smell the bacteria that cause bad breath in the first place. When I was young we would visit my grandma's house. She had these two cats that were the great fun. Only thing was grandma was not too good about emptying the litter box, so the house always smelled bad. I never could understand why she didn't smell it. Then I learned that it is your body's natural defense. If we are exposed to a harsh smell for a long enough period of time our brain basically cuts off the sensors that receive that smell. The amazing thing is that you can still smell other scents. Well that's one of the many reasons we can't smell our own breath.

So let's look at some ways that you can test yourself to see if your breath is bad. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, are your teeth clean? Did you do a good job brushing? Then look in the mirror. Is your tongue white, especially towards the back of the tongue? That's where odor causing bacteria like to hide. Check for small food particles that might be stuck between your teeth. If there are, remove them.

The next test you can perform is to take a spoon put it into your mouth upside down. Then slowly and gently scrap the top of your tongue with the spoon. Take the spoon out of your mouth being careful not to touch the scrapings. Now set it aside for a few minutes, just long enough for it to dry. Take a whiff if it smells offensive then so does your breath.

This one is so simple and easy you can do it anywhere, just don't let someone see you do this test. You might have to do some explaining. It's quite simple you lick the back of your hand. Wait a few seconds and then smell your hand. If it has a bad smell to it, then it's time to do some fast breath freshening. I'm sure you see what I mean. You don't want your boss or your date walking up just in time to see you licking and sniffing your hand. It might be a touch embarrassing and hard to explain. You can also do a variation of this that can be discreetly done at the dinner table. Take your napkin cover your mouth, as your covering your mouth rub the top of your tongue with your napkin. Wait a few seconds the discreetly smell your napkin. If it get the picture.

I hope these simple tests will help you to be more aware of your breath and help you in your relationships. Most people won't tell you that you have bad breath; they just quietly try to find a way to get away. Don't wait until you notice someone turn their head when you speak or back away when you laugh. Take action now and save yourself a world of embarrassment.

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