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If you want to overcome any sort of health situation, you need to understand it first. It can seem overwhelming in the beginning, but you'll find when searching for a chronic bad breath cure that there aren't too many causes, which makes it easier to diagnose. Once you look at the likely causes, you can then treat them and build towards fresher breath.

If the initial search seems somewhat difficult, it may be easier to learn that you are not alone. Chronic bad breath is a very common condition, not only in your country but throughout the entire world. It spans all races, genders, and nationalities. One thing to keep in mind that although it is common, it is still a health issue, and should be treated seriously.

If you suffer from bad breath, you likely fall into one of two groups. The first group are those who have breath issues from short term conditions, while the second group has what is medically referred to as halitosis.

When your breath has odor from temporary causes, such as unclean teeth, smoking, or certain types of foods, this is a short term problem. The treatments for short term bad breath are generally easier to treat.

If on the other hand your bad breath is chronic, it can be from causes such as sinus infections and different types of diseases. These are more difficult conditions to treat, and therefore treating chronic bad breath is more of a challenge.

It should be noted that it is not always clear whether one is suffering from long or short term breath problems. Sometimes short term symptoms can develop into long term causes. An example would be smoking. Smoking cigarettes causes bad breath in the near term because smoke stays on the breath and tongue, and it also dries the throat out which causes a buildup of bacteria that produces bad odors. However, over the long term smoking also promotes tooth decay and gum disease, two conditions that lead to long term breath issues. Halitosis cure.

There is a relatively new innovation in the medical field and dental field for how to cure bad breath. The setup uses a solution called carbamide peroxide in small doses that works against the bacteria in the mouth. Carbamide peroxide is safe and odorless. Of all the recent innovations, this shows the most shows potential.

While this type of treatment is effective, it is not something that you can buy over the counter and treat yourself with. A dentist must be contacted and have the credentials to administer this type of treatment. Most dentists have the tools and qualifications to perform this type of procedure. When you visit the doctor you will have to make a mold fitting to your teeth, and the solution is put into the mold and placed on your teeth. It can take around one hour for the solution to set in. After that, you will have to come back to the dentist's office for additional treatment or you may be able to take the mold and solution home and apply it to yourself per the dentist's instructions.

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