Cure Chronic Bad Breath - Tips on Curing

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Most of us have had to deal with bad breath at one time or other. There are two types of bad breath. One is transient and the other is chronic. The temporary foul breath may be due to having garlic, onion and sometimes with some types of spices. Even smoking causes bad smelly breath.

These transient bad breaths can be effectively cured or masked by sucking a wedge of lemon or by having cloves. But you must look for ways on how to cure chronic bad breath permanently.

Chronic bad breath can occur due to many factors. Foremost being some other underlying physical problems like tonsillitis, bronchitis, upset stomach, and poor digestion. If you are suffering from any one of these afflictions, get yourself treated first.

Once these issues are taken care of and you are still suffering of foul breath, then start on these steps to avoid this situation.


  • Oral Hygiene


Get your teeth cleaned of plaque. Get the cavities in the teeth, if any, filled. Cavities and plaque are ideal environment for the growth of the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Rinse your mouth with water after every meal to clean the mouth and tongue of the residues of food and drink.

Brush your teeth after meals and don't forget to scrape your tongue with the tongue cleaner as the dorsal part of our tongue is the part which make the food residue stick to it causing bacterial growth.

Your saliva is another way to fight with bad breath as it suppresses the bacteria causing it. So have plenty of water daily because if your body gets dehydrated, it will stop making saliva to conserve water.


  • Dietary Change


Cut down on the intake of sugary foods as the bacteria in the back of the throat feeds on these to emit foul breath.

Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Beverages like tea, coffee increases the possibility of bad breath as they are acidic in nature resulting in bacterial growth.


  • Home Remedies


Chewing mint or parsley will help to mitigate bad breath. Gargling with salt water will help to clean the back of your throat and tonsils to get rid of the food residue on it which will not help the bacteria to grow.

Peppermint or fenugreek are herbs to be used in tea which are exhaled through lungs and help freshen the breath.

Remember these steps to prevent bad breath are in addition to the treatment rather than a substitute.

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