Common Causes of Halitosis That May Be Ruining

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If you are anxious because you have halitosis, you know what a problem it causes for your love life. The good news is, when you investigate the common causes of halitosis, you will find that natural remedies are available.

There are a number of common causes of halitosis.

Let's start our discussion with food, because certain foods recurrently cause bad breath. You are probably already aware of many of these food items.

>>> Milk Products

Milk products frequently are a cause of halitosis.

Dairy foods including butter, cheese and milk, may commonly trigger sour breath odor.

This is particularly true if the person consuming these milky foods just happens to be lactose intolerant. A person who is lactose intolerant can't entirely digest dairy foods. The consequence may be sour breath.

>>> Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onions are well known causes of halitosis.

Both garlic and onions have vsc's - volatile sugar compounds.

Consuming them may cause of breath odor because these sugary compounds can go into the lungs and bloodstream, which can further compound the matter (pun intended!)

>>> Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diets

A low carb - high protein diet is frequently recognized as a cause of halitosis.

The bad breath causing bacteria has a real love affair with protein. For this reason scores of protein dense foods (fish, for instance) often trigger bad breath odor.

There are several personal habits can also be the cause of halitosis. Here are a few:

>>> Smoking and Tobacco Usage

When you think of smoking, do you associate it with bad breath? It's no wonder.

Tobacco irritates your gums. It may also cause you to lose your sense of taste.

Your teeth are not only stained by tobacco, but the tobacco sticks to them.

People who smoke are at higher risk for periodontal diseases - a major cause of halitosis.

>>> Alcohol.

Alcohol dries the mouth, which can cause bad breath. More about that in a moment.

Here are a few other possible causes of halitosis:

>>> Medications

Certain medicals are known to be a cause breath odor.

Folks who use antidepressants and/or diuretics routinely experience a reduction of saliva. Because of this, these medicines usually mention breath odor as a possible side effect.

Sometimes aspirin can have the same effect.

>>> Mouth Dryness and Lack of Saliva

Dry mouth is another leading cause of halitosis.

Saliva is your body's way of keeping your mouth fresh. It continually washes away injurious bacteria. That's the reason, when your body produces less saliva, you're much more likely to be a victim of foul breath.

>>> Morning Mouth

As you sleep at night, your salivary glands rest. This, of course, results in less saliva during the sleeping hours.

No wonder you often wake up with morning breath!

>>> Medical Conditions

It is possible that a medical situation could be the cause of halitosis.

Conditions such as diabetes, infected tonsils, sinusitis, HIV, and a variety other serious health conditions, may cause sour breath.

Always check with your physician if you have any concerns over your health.

Can you imagine a time when you no longer worry about your breath?

Imagine never feeling the need to back away from people! Never feeling the need to cover your mouth as you speak! Never being embarrassed to kiss those you love!

Cure Bad Breath, halitosis

Bad Breath Cure, Bad Breath Treatment, How To Cure Bad Breath, Oraltech Labs