Check Your Breath - Do You Have Bad

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Check Your Breath - Do You Have Bad Breath?


Bad Breath situation is all too common. It does not make it less painful to realize that you might have foul smell about you due to your breath; just because many others have the same condition. It can be caused by many, many things.

A major cause of common unpleasant smell in the mouth are the anaerobic bacteria that have made the mouth to be their home. Their shelters would include plaque on the teeth, debris of food, gaps between the teeth and gum and such places where supply of oxygen is likely to be very low.

When you sleep with your mouth open, it leads to dry mouth. These situation is good for bacteria that produces bad breath. Sadly, some foods and medicines, and even mouthwashes, have the same effect - they produce dry mouth. It causes the mouth to smell.

As a chemical, alcohol is known as a drying agent. Alcohol in the mouth causes the mouth to dry out, and the result is the same. Coffee has the same effect in the mouth. Smoking has the same effect. In all these situations, proper dental hygiene may be all that is needed.

It is one thing to be aware that the breath may not be pleasant due to some conditions, it is another thing not to realize it. How do you quickly test your own breath for smell? A simple way might be to ask your spouse, friend or partner for an honest view. You could ask a professional or test it yourself. To test your own breath, lick inside of your wrist, let dry, and then smell it. How does this work? Bacteria from the back part of the tongue and any chemical substances produced by them will be deposited. If the results are unpleasant, you will be able to detect them.

To get a more scientific test of the quality of your breath, you would need to visit a breath clinic. A clinic may not only tell the quality of your breath, but the overall state of your mouth. They will be able to point out likely causes should you have foul smell. Bad-Breath-Detection becomes much more easier when the sources are known.

Since bad breath could be due to a gradual build up of plaque, it is useful to have regular checks.

A dentist may decide to make ise of a halimeter. This device measures the amount of certain gases which are closely linked to bad breath. The dentist can also check for evidences of colonies of anaerobic bacteria in places such as the back of the tongue or the base of the teeth in the gums. If the gums are loose around teeth, ths is an indication of gum disease. It has gaps where anaerobic bacteria gathers. It can lead to loss of tooth. Gum diseases are a source of bad breath until the disease is cured.

Bad Breath Cure, Bad Breath Treatment, How To Cure Bad Breath, Oraltech Labs, Cure Bad Breath, halitosis