Can I Smell My Breath?

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Bad breath is something we can all have at any time. This can happen because of our taste for spicy food for example. The difficulty is we are not always aware when we are suffering from the problem. When that happens, we carry on with our day to day activities, completely blind to the fact that our breath smells.

Either someone will have the courage to tell you, or other people will just accept it and say nothing. Doing nothing might mean they stand down wind of catching a direct whiff of your breath.

Foul smelling breath can begin as soon as you wake up in the morning and stay with you during the day. So it is likely your loved one will catch the first aroma of it. Wherever you go during the day, the bad smell on your breath goes everywhere with you. You start to pick on the signs that people are turning their heads away from you as you talk to them.

Slowly the penny starts to drop and you begin to wonder what can be wrong. Then when you finally realize your breath smells, you want to get to the bathroom as quickly as you can and find an immediate remedy. But what is the cure for a smelly breath?

The first thing is to try and mask the odour as much as possible by taking something strong to fight the stench, like a minty mouth wash or toothpaste. That acts as a short term solution, but the real cure is in proper oral hygiene.

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