Best Bad Breath Herbal

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Best Bad Breath Herbal Remedies

Halitosis, commonly called bad breath, can be treated in many ways. While some commercial treatments claim to be better than the rest, nothing beats the practicality and quality of treating with bad breath herbal remedies.

Using herbal remedies is an economical and accessible means to cure foul breath. You need not spend an arm and a leg for treatments. In addition, you can easily avail the items from your nearest grocery store or market.

Herbal remedies are tried-and-tested means to cure bad breath. These remedies were passed from generations of families, their effectiveness undeniable. Read on to learn a thing or two about the herbal remedies mothers, grandmothers and wives of many generations used to cure unpleasant breath:

Green vegetables

Most of the green vegetables you find in the supermarket are effective means of curing bad breath. This is because the chlorophyll found in green leafy vegetables has certain characteristics that naturally freshens breath. Aside from providing essential vitamins and minerals to the body, vegetables' ability to cure bad breath adds to the reasons why you should incorporate green leafy vegetables in your diet.


Parsley is commonly used as garnish on a dish. Usually it is also served after meals to use as alternative to mints. Parsley freshens breath almost instantly. From now on, remember that eating parsley is a better option than ignoring it in the dish.


Cilantro has similar breath freshening benefits to parsley. For a better gastronomic experience, try making a cilantro juice.


Mint is one of the most commonly used herbs to treat bad breath. Though there are many varieties of products infused with mint, using the real thing is more effective in treating bad breath. You can chew mint leaves, or include it in your drink.


Tea has qualities that can freshen breath and cure unpleasant breath. Whereas coffee can contribute to the breath problem, tea naturally flushes away bad breath-causing bacteria. You can opt to add jasmine, cinnamon or ginger for a more flavorful drink.

Apple cider vinegar

Lack of hydrochloric acid leads to digestive problems, which then leads to unpleasant breath. To remedy this, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal should be taken. Once the hydrochloric acid returns to normal levels, digestive problems will be treated.

Coriander leaves

Coriander leaves are quick but temporary remedies for foul breath. These leaves should be dried earlier before being chewed. This is most effective for treating breath that has become bad because of eating too much onions and garlic.

Mustard oil with salt

Combining two teaspoonfuls of mustard oil and half a teaspoonful of salt makes a good substitute for mouthwash. This is another temporary remedy.

Ginger juice and lemon juice

Take one teaspoon of ginger juice and one teaspoonful of lemon juice and put them in warm water. Gargle this solution everyday at least once a day. Studies showed that this is one of the most effective herbal remedy for curing breath problems.

Eating, drinking, or gargling with the aforementioned herbs ensure that your breath will smell fresh and clean. Do note however, that most often, they only provide temporary results. It is still important to take actions that will result to total treatment of halitosis.


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