Bad Breath Information - Easy Steps

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Bad breath, or Halitosis is one of the most common problems that tend to get ignored easily. But it can become the cause of serious embarrassment for the person who is suffering from it. Basically, Halitosis is caused due to food particles that continue to remain stuck in the teeth or the tongue long after we have eaten something. Unless these food particles are removed or cleaned frequently from the mouth, they can begin to rot inside and cause a foul smell that gets released as we breathe.

In extreme cases, where information about this issue is lacking, and proper mouth cleaning has been ignored for a long time, the continuous presence of the rot in the mouth can give rise to harmful bacteria. This can cause diseases such as gingivitis and tooth decay. These diseases further increase the problem, and then the cure for it becomes much more difficult, unless the disease is cured first.

Furthermore, there are specific foods that have a tendency to smell foul inside the mouth and aggravate the problem. Garlic, orange juice, soda, cheese, onion and certain spices are some of the commonly consumed items that can add to the foul smell.

Proper information about preventing and curing bad breath is important in order to keep this problem under check.

Here are a few basic steps that can help to control this problem:

1. Regular brushing, flossing and cleaning the teeth, tongue and mouth at least twice a day, or preferably after every meal is a must. Proper tongue cleaning is critical to curing this problem. There are tongue cleaners available almost everywhere and are the recommended what to clean a tongue. They do not cost much and are very easy to use. Flossing is almost an important function that should be done after every meal as it removed as fod build up in the teeth

2. Drinking water regularly and preventing the mouth from going dry is important to check the problem of bad breath. A wet and salivated mouth checks harmful bacterial growth in the mouth which is generally the cause of the problem.

3. Regular visits to the dentist are recommended even for those with healthy teeth and gums. Preferably, a dental exam should be undertaken twice a year to ensure there is no other dental or gums problems that need to be addressed.

4. Alternative treatments such as baking soda mixed with peroxide, or chewing a few springs of parsley after consuming food are advised as an effective cure as well. It natural, and does not cost very much

5. If bad breath is being caused due to any other internal physical ailments or disease, the patient should see a physician or a specialist. The disease must be diagnosed and treated before the breath problem can be controlled in such a case.

Essentially, the maintenance of good oral hygiene practices, a clean and healthy lifestyle, and eating a healthy and natural diet are key to the prevention and cure of the general problem  of bad breath.

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