Bad Breath In Children - How To Deal

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Bad Breath In Children - How To Deal With Kid's Halitosis?



Bad breath in children can be a common problem, and this can be a minor issue or the sign of a bigger underlying problem. There are a number of diseases and medical conditions which can cause halitosis, another name for breath that is offensive or unappealing. One of the biggest causes is bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue of the child, but cavities and tooth decay can also cause halitosis by increasing the amount of bacteria present in the mouth. What should you do if you notice that your child has an odor on their breath that is unpleasant? The first step is to take your child to the dentist, to rule out any tooth decay or other dental problems that could be causing the odor. If the dentist gives your child a clean bill of health then you should schedule an appointment with a pediatrician.

Your child's pediatrician will be able to determine the cause of the bad breath. Some tests may be necessary, because diabetes and other diseases may have halitosis as a symptom. If there is no medical cause found then your child may simply need to practice better dental hygiene. If there is a medical condition responsible then treating the condition will usually stop the odor. Good dental hygiene is essential to clean breath. Make sure that your child brushes their teeth at least twice a day, and it is better if this is done after every meal. This will remove a lot of the extra bacteria in their mouth, and any odor this bacteria is causing.

Your child should also floss every time they brush. Food particles can get stuck between the teeth and breed bacteria. This can lead to bad breath, but flossing will remove any food stuck between your child's teeth. Any antimicrobial mouthwash can also be very beneficial, depending on the age of your child. Have your child use the mouthwash twice a day after they finish brushing and flossing their teeth. This will keep the germs to a minimum, and their breath pleasant instead of unappealing. Limit sugary snacks and drinks, as well as candy that is sticky. These items contribute to tooth decay, and the high sugar content helps bacteria thrive in the mouth of your child.

If you believe your child has bad breath there is a device which can test this for you. A halimeter will test your child for bad breath, and determine if this problem really exists. In rare cases the odor is not unpleasant but you or your child believes that it is. This condition is known as pseudo-halitosis. A halimeter can help determine whether this is the problem or if there really is an issue with the odor of your child's breath. If there is no dental or medical reason for halitosis but the meter shows the problem is present hygienic methods are the best solution. Before any home measures are tried it is important to rule out any medical or dental causes first. To ensure that the root of the odor is addressed and eliminated.


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