Bad Breath Home Remedies

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So many people are worried about bad breath, there is a huge market for cures out there and large companies make tons of money peddling chemicals to the desperate. Well, there's no need for this when there are many bad breath home remedies available to choose from.

Bad breath is caused by the release of various sulphur compounds from the mouth, especially at the back of the tongue and the throat. Good bad breath cure.need to cleanse the mouth of the foul bacteria and also reduce drying which only helps the smell to spread from the mouth.

Some Good Bad Breath Cures That You Can Try

Here are some good halitosis cure that I can recommend to help curb the embarrassing condition.

Baking soda -- mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and swish around the mouth. Make sure you gargle too then spit it out. Do this twice a day.

Eat better -- reduce the amount of meat in your diet and eat more vegetables, especially the organic variety. If you have too much protein in your diet, your breath will stink as people have found out when trying the latest diet fads.

Cardamom seeds -- these have a very aromatic fragrance and are great how to cure bad breath home remedies because they help to mask the smell.

Parsley seeds -- these are very rich in chlorophyll. Bad breath and chlorophyll are well known to be polar opposites. In fact, chlorophyll has been called "nature's own deodorant".

Lemon juice -- squeeze the juice of half a lemon into some water and take several mouthfuls and swish around your mouth. This is one of my favorite bad breath home remedies because it leaves my mouth tasting great and feeling fresh! I can highly recommend it.

I hope you found the above tips useful. Although chemical products can erase bad breath, the effect is usually only temporary. Bad breath home remedies are useful but sometimes not enough. Luckily, there are other unique 100% natural remedies that can kill your bad breath for life in just a few days. Read below to find out more.

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