Bad Breath Hell - How To Cure My Breath

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"Back up Cuz!" is part of a lyric from a song owned by someone named D J Kay Slay. I stumbled across it the other day on the Internet. As a phrase I find it hilarious and it makes me laugh almost every-time I think of it. It makes me laugh because I can imagine it would be funny to be able to say that phrase to my friends.

To me it says a whole lot. It tells me that there IS a reasonable way of telling someone that they have bad breath without actually telling them that they have bad breath. You do it without actually having to use the negative words "Bad Breath".

Having bad odours emanating from your mouth via your breath is such a serious problem that being able to address it without adopting a serious demeanour, I think is fantastic.

"Back up Cuz!" is a fantastic euphemism for many things. For example, "Move away from me, there is something wrong with you". It conjures up in my mind a situation where you order someone to "Back away, you are endangering my life." So "Back up" tells me to "Step backwards away from you". "Cuz" helps to soften the blow by adding a bit of familiarity that you might have with your real cousins. I suppose "Back up, Bro" is similar, in that it provides a way for you to let your brothers or clan or brethren know you have a problem with them all while being kind at the same time.

"Back up, Cuz" says more serious stuff too. It's another way of saying "your breath smells like sh*t" which, as you can imagine is quite a serious allegation and one of the worse things you might want to ever tell someone. It also says that you've probably got a problem you've not yet realised.

Breaking down this problem of bad breath even further, the euphemism says


  • "You need a cure for your bad breath"
  • "You're causing distress to a lot of people around you"
  • "Your health is at risk Cuz"
  • "In your current state, you will never hold down a serious relationship or job"
  • "I'm gonna stay away from that guy"
  • "You're neglecting your personal hygiene, cousin"
  • "You need to get some serious help, brother"
  • "If you come any closer, I'm gonna smack you".


People who take a little pride in themselves inherently avoid being told to "Back Up" by anybody by employing some bad breath remedies.


  1. They make sure automatically that, at the very least, they brush their teeth at least twice a day. Brushing their teeth is only part of the story though.
  2. To avoid gum disease you would need to be flossing as well to remove any leftover fragments of food from between the teeth that is often the source of bad smells throughout the day.
  3. Brushing teeth after eating is also a mandatory requirement especially after eating sugary foods where the sugar remains atop the teeth unwittingly promoting tooth decay.
  4. Washing your mouth out after drinking sugary soda liquids will delay the onset of teeth decay and erosion.
  5. In this vein, using a modern toothbrush to scrape away the layer of debris, that naturally builds up on the top of the tongue, after eating various cheese type foods, is key to good oral hygiene. As you may imagine, this cream coloured material is not odourless. It should be removed regularly because its putrid odour frequently escapes when through the nostrils when your mouth is closed.
  6. Also, maintaining a regularly moist mouth to prevent the growth of bacteria building up when your mouth is dry is essential for people to that want to maintain their self-esteem.


If you follow these guidelines, you will be taking steps to ensure that you never hear the words "Back up, cuz" being told to you by someone you can't stand or from someone you'd rather not hear it from.

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