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Many people worry about whether or not they have bad breath as it is seen as such a social stigma these days. In Shakespeare's time, almost everyone had bad breath, but in our society a person with obvious halitosis is almost akin to a leper. Having a nice smile is an advantage in many walks of life where people mix with others both socially and in the work place. The positive effect of nice-looking teeth and a pleasant smile is however, completed negated by bad breath.

So important is avoiding bad breath in our society, that there is now a recognised psychological condition called delusion halitosis, in which a person believes that they have bad breath even when they do not. For some people though, bad breath is a real problem and there have arisen breath clinics in the last few years to address the problem. Dentists in general have long been aware of the problems of bad breath and provide treatment for gum disease which is one of the major causes, and they provide advice on how to effectively clean one's teeth in order to prevent plaque build-up which initiates gum disease.

It has been gradually appreciated that there could be underlying medical causes of halitosis such as diabetes, acid reflux, Sjogrens Syndrome, or dry mouth from medication or irradiation, and this has led to specialised clinics being set up in order to properly diagnose the cause of bad breath in a particular individual, and to provide the appropriate treatment. These specialist clinics are to be found usually in the major cities of the world, and their services can be costly.

If halitosis is diagnosed as due to gum disease they will provide the services of specialist periodontists to treat this. Treatment usually takes place over a series of visits, beginning with intensive cleaning of the teeth by means of ultrasonics and specialised hand instruments to remove all traces of irritative deposits that may have accumulated around the teeth. The goal is to remove any hard deposits of tartar and allow the gum to progressively heal itself. There may even be the need for minor oral surgery to remove loose areas of gum or reduce the depths of gum pockets.

Once gum healing is under way the hygienist will demonstrate how to effectively clean the teeth in order to prevent any further accumulation of debris and tartar. Only by maintaining meticulous oral hygiene can one be sure that there is no return of bad breath.

There are also so-called "breath clinics" that have sprung up online and that give out free information on how to clean your teeth, whilst marketing their oral hygiene products along the way. They focus on the problems of plaque and bacteria on teeth and on the tongue, and the best ways of getting rid of plaque. One should appreciate that the information on teeth cleaning techniques is generally sound, but it is not necessary to use the specific toothpastes and brushes they recommend. There are plenty of good alternatives, although tongue scrapers can be hard to find in some pharmacies and may need to be bought online.

Specialist breath clinics may serve a usual purpose in cases where a person is unsure of the cause of their bad breath problem and needs unbiased professional advice, although it is often possible to get the same benefit from a local dentist.

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