Bad Breath Claimed No 1 Date

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Bad Breath Claimed No 1 Date Killer


Let's face it we've all been in this situation before. We've been around someone with bad breath and instantly we were making up excuses in our heads to get away from them. Or at least create some distance between yourself and the offending person.

A poll performed by The Scotsman stated on 5000 interviewees found that the biggest turn off was bad breath. Second place was "wonky" or yellow teeth and 3rd place was bizarrely rudeness to waiters.

You would think that if someone were to have bead breath and they knew these facts they would fix it immediately? However one of the problems with bad breath is that we're not capable of smelling our own bad smells. Our senses tend to acclimatise to prevalent smells in order for it to tune into new smells.

So how can this problem be resolved?

Well the overwhelming majority of bad breath cases can be resolved with a good oral hygiene regime. Some cases it may require intervention because the smells emanate from decaying tooth, tonsils or throat.

Step 1: Brush

Brushing twice a day, preferably with an electric toothbrush, be careful to brush over the gums as well and allow the brush more time over trouble areas. Behind the lower front teeth is a target spot for plaque build up, so make sure you brush that area particularly carefully. You should aim to brush twice a day, roughly 3 minutes each time.

Step 2: Floss

Use dental floss or a waterpic device to get rid of bacteria and food particle build up in-between the teeth. A waterpic is particularly useful for people with dental braces and is great for getting in-between the back teeth.

Step 3: Scrape

A lot of the bad breath emanates from food debris and bacteria build up on the tongue itself. Using a spoon or a tongue scraper, gently scrape the tongue, not too hard but simply firm enough to scrape off any excess.

Step 4: Hydrate

Even when you've taken enough steps to keep your mouth clean. Dry mouth can cause unpleasant smells to exist, try to make sure that you don't go without water for no longer than 2 hours at most.

Bad Breath Cure, Bad Breath Treatment, How To Cure Bad Breath, Oraltech Labs, Cure Bad Breath, halitosis