Bad Breath Causes and Effective Bad Breath

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Bad Breath Causes and Effective Bad Breath Remedies

Bad breath is breath that has an disagreeable odor. It's also recognized as halitosis.

This odor can occur from time to time, or it can be long permanent, depending on the cause.

Millions of bacteria live in the mouth, chiefly on the back of the tongue. In many people, they are the primary cause of bad breath.

The mouth's warm, moist situation is ideal for the expansion of these bacteria. Most bad breath is caused by impressive in the mouth.

Bad Breath is usually caused by the breakdown of proteins by bacteria where in the mouth.

Bad breath is not contagious, sense you cannot catch it from a big shot else. Chronic bad breath, known as Halitosis, does not approach from the stomach.

Causes of Bad Breath

Most people believe bad breath is caused by eating or eating consumables that are particularly odorous.

While this is partly true, a more in depth explanation is helpful to those of us who experience from bad breath and are penetrating for the causes and cures.

According to experts. Bad breath is caused by "volatile sulfur compounds" in your mouth. These compounds are bent by the bacteria in your mouth.

The odor causing compound are found in amoung your teeth, under the top layer of your tongue and in your throat and tonsils.

Remember your high school environmental science class... I didn't think so.

One thing I do remember from that class is that organisms such as bacteria pass the tests which classify them as "living".

One of those tests involve giving off waste. Think about it, the stuff in your mouth that causes bad breath is bacteria dooty!

Symptoms of Bad Breath

1.    A white or Yellow Film on the Tongue
2.    Dry Mouth
3.    Bitter, Sour, or Metallic taste
4.    Post Nasal Drainage
5.    White Nodules on the Tonsils
6.    Brushing and Dental Flossing the Teeth make no Difference
Bad Breath Smell  is the most obvious symptom.

Bad breath is a unique problem, as having it, does not mean that you have sickness or problem, but it can also be a symptom of a sickness or problem such as liver

failure, uncontrolled diabetes, thyroid problems, and TMAU (fish odour syndrome).

But in general, bad breath is due to the stop working of proteins to amino acids and then onto smelly sulphur compounds.

Treatment of Bad Breath

Bad breath treatment must get to the source of the crisis if it is to be effective. Over 80% of the bacteria that causes bad breath originates at the back of the


Bad breath treatments must reach this area if they are going to change the condition.

Bad breath treatment is an significant part of good oral health. Bad breath may be a sign of an unhealthy mouth or some other adverse medical condition.

Periodontal disease, gum disease, and sinus infections may all cause bad breath. Bad breath treatment should get rid of the cause of the bad breath.

A bad breath treatment that only cover the odor is not really treat the problem.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

1. Brush your teeth with sweltering soda first, after that rinse out your mouth with plain or warm, salty water. Follow this with regular toothpaste and you are on your


2. Floss your teeth daily. The gunk (plaque) between your teeth may be cause your bad breath.

3. Scrape your tongue with a spoon or one of those specifically designed tongue scrapers. Get as far back on your tongue as possible to scrape off the offending


4. Rinse your mouth out with a little lemon or lime juice mixed with water.

5. Brush your tongue when you skirmish your teeth and after meals too. The tongue is like a lint catcher and it has to be cleaned off every so frequently to get that

nice aroma to come through.

6. Chew on some fresh parsley or alfalfa, particularly after eating garlic, onions, or fish. The chlorophyll in these two plants kills the unpleasant bacteria in your oral


7. Drink green tea. And it doesn't hurt to swish it approximately in your mouth before you swallow it: it will kill the damaging bacteria in your mouth.

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Bad Breath Cure, Bad Breath Treatment, How To Cure Bad Breath