Bad Breath Cause and Solution

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Bad Breath Solution



Bad smell in the mouth is a common problem. You could say that all human beings are bad breathers. If we do not maintain oral hygiene properly all of us will have bad smell. Most of us control this by regular brushing, tongue cleaning and gargling. There are also Products for bad breath that can be used.

The problem is that even after maintaining cleanliness in the mouth, some individuals suffer from offensive smell due to various causes. In order to solve the problem it has to be diagnosed and given some bad breath treatments.

Having a bad breath could be overlooked as a minor problem, but there are many people who suffer psychologically because of the embarrassment when smelling bad. Many with this problem isolate themselves because they know that people take offense when the breath is bad. This can even lead to marital disharmony.

Some common causes

Poor hygiene
If not brushing the teeth regularly, the mouth becomes a seat for millions of bacteria that produce gases by degrading the food. Cleaning the mouth after every meal prevents that to process.

In the mornings on waking, most human beings have bad breathand need a bad breath cure, because of less saliva production during sleep. Saliva has antibacterial properties that help to keep the mouth clean.

There are special foods that cause bad breath. A main cause could be protein rich products, as meat, fish, eggs, etc. Raw onion also causes an odor, as well as garlic. But that kind of smell can be helped by cleaning the mouth right after eating. (Garlic though might cause problem anyway)

Caries is a common problem and is a destruction of enamel, and as a result it leads to cavitisation of the tooth. The cause is mainly the lactobacilli. When food particles deposit there, the bacteria will produce bad smell. Often it is not that easy to keep clean even if tooth brushing, which make the bad smell a continuous problem.

There are several sicknesses that might be the cause of unfresh breath. Here we mention herpes, fungal infections, diabetes, scarlet fever, drug reactions and more. Some sickness gives dry mouth, which means that the protecting saliva is not efficient. That also causes breath problem. People with indigestion problem can have problem with breath. Eructation of gas and food produce unpleasant smell. Everyone that has suffered from fever is aware of the horrible smell that can come out of the mouth.

Other causes
When you fast and of other reasons are dehydrated you might have breath problem, smokers and tobacco chewers also.

Bad breath solution:

Brush your teeth
First; brush your teeth every day; the best is brushing after every meal. It helps prevent plaque from accumulating and will reduce the risk for getting cavities. It will also help you to have a fresh breath daily. Don't forget to brush your teeth before sleeping.

Wash your mouth
There are many effective mouthwash products that will help you prevent bad smell. You will have a fresh healthy taste in your mouth with that.

Avoid certain food
Do not it raw onion and be sure to brush your teeth after eating fish and other high protein foods.

Products for bad breath

Baking Soda
Baking soda reduces the acidity in the mouth, and that prevents bacteria from accumulate.

Salt Water
Salted water is an old but effective cure for problem with breath. If you want to use natural products for bad breath, Baking Soda and Salt Water are excellent choices.

Chewing Gum
Using chewing gum with xylitol, that is a sugar substitute are used by dentist to improve their patient's mouth health. The reason is, xylitol is a powerful antibacterial substance and prevents the growth of bacteria that causes the smell in our mouth.

For Persitant bad breath, halitosis, bad breath cure, bad breath treatment, bad breath remedy, how to cure halitosis, how to cure bad breath visit