Bad Breath - Getting Medical Help to Treat


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Bad Breath - Getting Medical Help to Treat the Problem



Those who suffer from bad breath often resort to various ways to deal with the problem. Mouth fresheners such as mint and gums may help for a while but it becomes clear that they cannot be permanent fixes. The implication is that, there is an underlining cause to this problem and usually, it takes a dentist or specialist to diagnose this and prescribe a permanent bad breath cure.

A thorough examination would usually be carried out by a dentist or hygienist to ascertain the extent of halitosis (another name for bad breath) before deciding on the course of action in terms of treatment needed. In certain instances, increasing your water intake or chewing gum may be enough to deal with a dry mouth condition hence eliminating the problem. For others, diligent brushing of the teeth could help solve the problem. This ensures the removal of stale coating on the tongue and food particles stuck in the crevices of the tooth. Flossing consistently will also accelerate the removal of food residue thereby preventing the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth which increases the condition of bad breath. The dentist or hygienist could also take a direct action by removing accumulated plaque and prescribing antibiotics as forms of halitosis treatment.

It is interesting to note that not all cases of halitosis originate inside the mouth. The dentist, after diagnosis my refer a patient with halitosis to a physician to deal with a systemic cause. Oftentimes, the root cause of bad breath is a chemical called ketones which is excreted through urine, perspiration or exhaled breath. Ketones is built up in the blood stream which then manifests in people through bad breath if the person has diabetes, experiences starvation or inadequate carbohydrate intake. Since ketones can be life threatening, bad breath may be an indication of an underlining medical condition which can be life threatening. It is therefore imperative that every case of persistent halitosis be treated seriously and given the attention it requires.

The good news is that, bad breath treatment is relatively simple once the underlying cause has been determined. However, it can resurface if a person does not stick to a disciplined oral hygiene regime. It's important for one to be self conscious and promptly deal with any symptoms of bad breath once it emerges.


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