Bad Breath - Effective Home Remedies For Bad Alcohol Breath

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Bad alcohol breath is more common than what most people might think. Although, they usually happen to people who drink wine or beer, it can also come from people who do not consume alcohol. This is because there are many products on the market that now contain the substance and thus will have similar impact as alcoholic drinks. Believe it or not, there are more chances of getting bad alcohol breath from your mouthwash than from wine or beer.

How alcohol cause bad breath

Alcohol causes bad mouth odors because of the fact that it dries the mouth. This creates a perfect environment for anaerobic bacteria to multiply and thrive on leftovers found in your mouth. Hence, surprising as it may be, this only causes bad breath to worsen.

All you need to do is to take a look at the label. Most mouthwashes today contain a lot of alcohol, usually around 20 percent. Compared to beer which has around 5 percent alcohol and you will notice the difference. When you rinse your mouth with such mouthwash, you only cause your mouth to undergo the drying process.

What can be done about such situation?

While alcohol-based mouthwashes are very convenient because you get to have a very good breath for a certain period of time, they can eventually dry your mouth. The easiest way is to rectify the situation is to stop using such mouthwash. Instead, get mouthwashes that are alcohol free.

Alternatively, you can continue with the mouthwash that contains alcohol but you need to deal with the actual cause of the bad breath that is dry mouth. Drinking plenty of liquids is recommended. If you like, you can even pop in some sugar free chewing gum after using such mouthwash to help add moisture to your mouth and be a bad breath cure

These two simple remedies will effectively deal with the bad breath problem, unless it is caused by something else. In such a circumstance you should consult a doctor.

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