5 Instant Bad Breath Cures

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If the people keep avoiding you when you are around, maybe you should check if there is something wrong with your breath. If your body odor is fine, maybe you should check to stop bad breath. It is a serious problem and way underestimated by a lot of people. It can lead to more threatening health issue like gingivitis and halitosis. Stop foul breath quickly before it gets bigger disrupting your life and health.

Fighting mouth odor can be long and continuous process. But if you need a flash solution to make sure your mouth odor is pleasant for the next appointment, below is 5 instant cures to eliminate bad breath without costing you a dime, only by using tools available around you.

1. Pick any leftover food in your teeth

Leftover food can be an instant cause of mouth's foul odor. Quickly find a toothpick to remove any excess food in your mouth. Toothpick is an easy way for removing food. You should use dental floss to properly throw away extra food to cure bad breath.

2. Gargle with warm water

Look for lukewarm water near you and quickly gargle in your mouth to stop bad breath. Dry mouth is a common cause of foul odor. By rinsing it with warm water, you will make it wet and so reduce the chances of bacteria accused for bad mouth odor from spreading in your mouth. It will be even better if you add some salt in the water.

3. Cover the scent with soda.

If you cannot find baking soda to mix with toothpaste around you to quickly stop bad breath, drinks that contain soda can cover mouth odor. Gently gargle in your mouth and feel your mouth fresh again just like you have been mouth washed. It not intended to replace real mouth wash, use in emergency situation only to eliminate mouth odor.

4. Chew the right thing

Chewing can increase the production of saliva so keep your mouth wet and away from bad breath. Not just chewing, chew the right thing, pick a chewing gum in your nearby candy jar or ask someone if they have gums left to stop bad breath. Yes it is still not costing you a dime especially when they give it for free.

5. Eating Vegetables and Fruits

Apples, carrots and celery will take your mouth odor away instantly. Their natural vitamins and minerals also clean your mouth and stimulating saliva. Drinking yogurts with milk is also a good way to eliminate natural bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath.

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